Healing OM Monthly Circle

What is a Healing Circle?

Healing circles are safe havens. They help us step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which we can explore our healing and connecting deeper with our inner Self.
With open minds, we work together to discover the best ways to remove obstacles to healing, alleviate suffering, and deepen our capacity to heal.

Where we will meet

Every month on Zoom for a one-hour session towards the end of each month. Make sure that you are in a safe & comfortable place where you won't get disturbed for the whole session. Feel free to keep the video off if it is more comfortable for you!

What we will learn 

We will combine guided meditations, with visualisation, breathing and somatic techniques to enter into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness. It’s one of the most powerful ways to eliminate anxiety, stress, trauma and bring about positive personal changes.
We will then share each other experiences and insights within the Q&A session (for those of you who are happy to share).


The next Healing OM Circle will be on Wednesday 31st January at 7pm Malta / 6pm UK / 1pm EST / 10am PST

VERY IMPORTANT! Please note that upon registration you will receive a welcome email with the Zoom link to use on the day, if you don't receive it don't forget to check in your junk /spam folder or contact me. 

Sara El Haouari

"Right at the beginning of my healing journey, I was fortunate enough to find an incredible healing circle that welcomed me and allowed me to share all the experiences & struggles I was going through at that time. 
Simply put meditation & visualisation changed my life and helped me to heal on every level (mind, body, spirit) but learning with other souls who were on my same journey, empowered me and gave me a great sense of belonging because I no longer felt alone on my path." 

You don't have to heal alone, join the Healing OM Circle for free today! 

What people are saying about the Healing OM Circle

"Sara, what can I say! These monthly meditation circles have helped me beyond comprehension! The energy is so loving and powerful! I have never been able to see my inner child, let alone connect with her, and yet, due to your healing circle, I have been able to hug her. This gift you are giving to the world is incredible. Thank you!" ~ Tara

"I attended Sara's online meditation and it was the most invigorating experience! Being a very spiritual person myself, I have been wanting to connect more with like minded people. As soon as put that out there to the universe Sara's IG account popped up on my newsfeed and I felt so drawn to her energy. Registering for the guided meditation presented itself at the perfect time. Sara was extremely welcoming and her energy was very nurturing. She had everyone's best interest at heart. I felt very safe throughout the meditation and found comfort with my spirit guides. It gave me a safe space to connect with my guides, recieve healing and take away some clarity from my current reality. Sara has a beautiful soul and I highly recommend everyone to follow her life journey!" ~ Nina

"It was an amazing healing session. I could see myself connecting with my inner child with the strategic meditations. Thank you so much, I loved it" ~ Yash

"Thank you so much Sara for this, the whole experience was so peaceful and relaxing. I was able to concentrate properly throughout the whole meditation because of your wonderful visualization concept, it really helped me plus your comforting voice is a bonus. Can’t wait to do it again! Grazie" ~ Sofia

"Yesterday was beautiful, thank you so much. I was very very tired from a period of bad sleep but I had the best night of sleep in a week so that's a good sign for sure!" ~ Steffi 

"Since the circle & meditation I've felt a lot like grounded & empowered especially when it comes to sticking up for myself. Thank you & it's amazing to see a difference especially as our beliefs, stories & perspectives change" ~ Rajvina 

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"If it touches the heart and guides us on our path, it's a Healing Circle". 
- Michael Lerner