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Healing OM Spiritual Coaching offers a range of services designed to help you process your past pain, transcend limitations, unlock the courage to manifest your best life and discover true freedom.

It's a journey where you are not just a passenger; you are the co-creator of your destiny.

Meet Sara

Founder of Healing OM Spiritual Coaching, currently residing in Malta, a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Somatic Alignment Facilitator, Sara seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques, creating a dynamic approach to personal growth.

Her mission is to empower people to navigate past pain, transcend limitations, unlock the courage to manifest their best lives and discover true freedom.

Sara’s dedication to sharing wisdom with the world is rooted in personal struggles and experiences, igniting a profound desire to reclaim a sense of wholeness—a key outcome of the transformative journey she undertook.

Hosting regular 1:1 or group sessions in Malta and online, Sara takes joy in cultivating safe and nurturing spaces where she gently empowers participants to initiate a transformative journey which acts as a catalyst for self-discovery and inner alignment.


Healing OM’s services are tailored to be your compass on the path to healing, empowerment, and a life filled with purpose.

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