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Sara has definitely helped me through this whole process of dealing with loss and grief, without the tools she provided me I wouldn't have gotten through the tough times as fast as I did. She is such a light and her support helped in ways I cannot explain. Thank you Sara for all you did and for the love you give.

~ Elyssa F.

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)

Thank you so so much for such a wonderful, beautiful and powerful session. I had the most unbelievable experience last night and suddenly became aware I had been carrying so much grief. It came out of nowhere and the word grief kept coming up. I finally managed to let go of something very heavy. I felt so much more grounded also and free. You are such an amazing and powerful healer.

~ Kerine S. 

(Chakra Balancing In Person)

I initially worked with Sara during a heavy breakup. I ended up deep-diving into my childhood traumas and my personal healing journey. I now have regular catchups with Sara and I join her healing circle. She is warm and open so I felt at ease to be vulnerable and honest with her. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share and I have learned so much from working with her! I would definitely recommend for any support or guidance.

~ Jordan O.

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

I was struggling with indecision & doubt, my mood was constantly swinging, but talking to Sara helped me understand how to rationalise the objectives that were still unclear in my head. Sara gave me a boost and shared great ideas. The way she connects with people is a feature that makes Sara stand out from the other coaches. I've always felt like I've known her for a long time.    

~ Marianna D.

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

Working with Sara was a beautiful and transformative experience. She created a safe space for me where I could openly share the challenges I was experiencing in my life. Each exercise and tool she offered really pin-pointed and targeted specific areas I felt I was struggling with and I was able to start to make big shifts in my thinking and move towards a more empowered version of myself. Sara is such a wonderful, positive and inspiring person to work with. After each session I felt motivated and committed to my healing journey. Thank you Sara!

~ Sophia M.

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

I’m so happy to have had sessions with Sara at a time of great transformation in my life. She helped me ground and navigate my emotions and reactions, as well as understand the deeper patterns behind those behaviours. All in all, she encouraged me to listen to my intuition with courage and I am so glad she did. Sara is a kind, calm, understanding person, which bring lightness even to the most challenging conversations. I highly recommend working with her, whether you’re going through changes or challenges, or simply want to understand more about yourself. Thank you Sara!

~ Delia D.

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

I came across Sara’s website when I began my recovery from some deeply traumatic experiences. Sara’s positive, yet sympathetic, attitude allowed me to feel at ease and confident enough to know that she was who was going to heal me in ways that other therapies couldn’t. Sara actively listens and tailors her sessions to suit your individual needs. The connection that Sara builds with her clients allows her ability to heal to be incredibly accurate! I must admit, I was a little sceptical after my Tarot reading, however, it wasn’t long before her reading became reality. Sara has changed my life and I am eternally grateful to have such an incredible woman as my spiritual guide and healer.

~Tara G.

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)

When I met Sara, I was living inside a bubble of which I could only view the outside world with sadness. I could see how it could be, I saw how happy people's lives were, but I would never allow myself that same gift of liking myself to know that others could love me. Through my sessions with Sara I realised that the patterns of my emotions drove my relationships. Sara with amazing analogies, and understanding, brought me out of my bubble and got me through some very challenging times. Sara is very kind, understanding, knowledgeable, but most important of all, I never felt like I was with a professional, it felt more like I was talking to a friend.

~ Teresa S.

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)

When I started working with Sara, I was at a low point in my life where I didn't want to do anything anymore. My days were unbalanced and I felt like I wasn’t living my life to the fullest. I was in a constant low mood, afraid to make decisions, I didn't value my person and I believed I wasn’t worthy of big dreams. Sara is a very empathetic and sweet girl. With her professionalism and help, she managed to bring the real Samira to life. She made me understand the importance of having a daily routine and using tools like journaling and the law of attraction. I decided to embark on a path of healing and awakening that allowed my person to evolve. All this with Sara's precious help. In just 5 months I have completely transformed. I am learning to have a positive mindset, I have started living in the present and accepting it. I feel more confident and believe I have the right to shine.

~Samira E. 

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Sara's support!
I signed up to the Spiritual coaching package because I was more than ready to release and heal past trauma. I have been on my healing journey for many years but I was at point where I was feeling very isolated. I find it uncomfortable to express myself out of fear of judgement, but Sara provided me with a safe and comfortable space to be expressive. She was patient and understanding of any resistance I was feeling and always respected the way I process my emotions.
The support I received in-between the sessions were so valuable to me because of how isolated I have felt during my spiritual journey. It was like having a guardian angel in my pocket! She showed her support with so much love and kindness which I deeply appreciated during moments of darkness. Sara guided me out of my shadow when I kept dimming my light. She has helped me find the resilience to firmly set boundaries out of respect of my values, feelings and beliefs. Sara has helped me find the confidence to always show up authentically me!
I will be forever grateful for Sara's angelic wings of support in my time of need.

~Nina C.

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)

In March 2023 I went through a very tough time in my life and I was feeling very lost and helpless. I had known Sara for a short while and I knew what her line of work was but it was only after hitting rock bottom that I felt compelled to write and ask for her help. It was a long process but I can honestly say that through the coaching sessions and the "homework" and tasks I completed between our sessions as well as the constant support I got from Sara, I have managed to overcome a lot of obstacles and achieved what I had previously thought was out of reach for me. Sara helped me realise that I already had the necessary strength within me to change my life and the way I saw myself. Thanks to the work I did with her I am a lot more grounded and confident. This journey left a very positive impact on the relationship I have with myself and with others and also on the professional aspect of my life. I think that it's always going to be a works in progress for me but this was definitely a great first step which gave me important tools I'm going to be able to use for the rest of my life. If you're reading this and you feel stuck and helpless and are ready to change your life but don't know where to begin, I strongly urge you to seek help from someone who will truly care. You will not be disappointed. Healing OM exceed my expectations.Thank you Sara!

~Gareth F.

(Spiritual Coaching, Energy Healing, Somatic Alignment In Person)

Sara came into my life at a point when I had lost all hopes if I could even help myself or not. She came in as a 'hope'. She understood me and my life journey so well, that it was an instant connect with her. She has a unique ability to push and motivate just the right amount. She is highly empathetic which made me feel very safe and comfortable around her. Also, her life journey in itself is so much inspirational, I literally learnt so much from her. She has practical solutions to some of the situations, which I am so grateful to have worked for me. Most importantly my whole journey with her was a journey of self discovery and self-love. She made me connect with my own self (which is so very important if you want to bring any kind of changes in your life). Once you know you are enough, that’s half the battle won.
That being said, its only you and you alone which has to do the work. Its hard in the beginning especially if you are stuck in a kind of a loop. So take all the help you require.
For me, Sara has been the absolute best help at the absolute best time. In the end, I would like to say that she is absolute love, a kind of love that helps you heal.

~Richa C.

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)

I met Sara through a best friend / colleague of mine when I was feeling very emotional and vulnerable. I felt that every step I was making although I was giving in a lot of positivity in each step, nothing seemed to go the way I wished for. I felt like crying and felt very alone, facing all sort of challenges both physically and mentally. Sara was for me the water in the desert, the soft voice of tranquility in my chaotic mind , the light in a long moment of darkness. We connected right away and I felt I have known her all my life, I felt confident and safe in opening up to her on every issue I was dealing with, be it health, marriage, work, being a mother and other challenges. She helped me to ground myself, to learn how to feel safe, to let go of things that weren't helping me, she helped me accept myself just the way I am , to let go of shame, guilt, past mistakes, she helped me connect with my inner child .

I am honest, it's a process which need to be addressed daily, Sara guided me but it is up to me to do the work, and continue doing the work she taught me during the sessions.

I like to take this opportunity to thank Sara for the wonderful help she gives to whom ever reaches out to her, she is indeed one of a kind and her gentle approach makes any one feel safe and at peace. I am very proud of myself for this journey and I thank my friend/colleague for giving me the opportunity to work on myself. Best Christmas Present ever...Thanks Sara!

~ Silvia S. 

(Spiritual Coaching In Person)

Sara, My warm thanks for your support during a difficult hurdle. I came to you for help to take practical steps to change my work situation. The difficulty was that I had failed at past attempts because I kept trying to tackle the situation from the “wrong” angle and so I kept experiencing more of the same. You helped me see the territory and what was facing me after making my intention by offering higher perspectives and effective practical tools. You approached our time with empathy and a strong committment. You helped me connect to the challenge I was actually facing. You gave me the space to connect with myself to understand what steps I needed to take. You helped me stay accountable but also to be open to inspirational whispers. I understood how to support myself better by taking baby steps and achieved goals I had been struggling with for years. You encouraged me to feel at ease with how tough its has been for me to complete the smallest of tasks. At the end of our time together I have come away with more confidence, self-belief and laying the foundations to truly commit to myself. I started by thinking I would achieve a specific result but really I got to know myself better and accept myself, which is what I actually needed but didn’t allow myself to realise it. THANK YOU!

~ Kareen R.

(Spiritual Business Coaching Online)

Thank you for putting me back with my inner self, a self that enjoys, lives, loves, loves living and believes that life is a tree whose branches go on and on expanding. Session after session you reminded me of the spiritual part I had all along but I was not aware of it, as it was crowded out by so many negative thoughts that nothing else could be heard. And with the tools and exercises you provided me, an awareness of my higher self dawned. Now I can choose to notice the rewarding and fulfilling things which come my way each day. The difference in my life is amazing! You were the right coach at the right time, nothing in life happens as a coincidence, this was it for me. I will never be the same again, thank you for showing me how to live.

~Mohammed A.

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)

When I started working with Sara, I was just beginning my walk into awareness and by awareness I mean emotional reactions, visceral responses that came with those emotional reactions, but I was unaware of their connection. Through talking and sharing with her, she gave me techniques and tools that I could use to calm myself, recenter, and regroup.
Because of working with her, and it has been over a year since we completed our time together, I am now extremely aware when I have a visceral response that doesn't match the current conversation or situation and I am able to self-regulate very quickly, I am able to recognise the culprit, the old pattern, the old thoughts, and actually I'm able to communicate very well with my spouse - what I'm experiencing and where it's coming from -  and do not have lingering feelings of abandonment. worthlessness, shame because those were all tied to my old patterns & way of thinking.

~ Jena B. 

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

WOW! From the first call three months ago, I am so glad that I listened to my inner voice. Sara has such wisdom to share. She has an amazing ability to dive right in and locate whatever needs healing, and strategically works towards that end. She embodies organization and thoughtfulness, and her sessions show that. I knew I needed business coaching, but not your regular coaching. Healing OM coaching incorporated spirit and it was a customized experience!
Not only did Sara listen, she was an expert guide dedicated to getting results. The support was phenomenal, and that truly helped me to feel safe, and from there I was able to work. She provided guidance along with a fresh, new perspective. I had been focusing on small aspects and she was able to see the big picture and that allowed me to shift into a more expansive place.
This process has left me feeling empowered and grateful!

~ Ouida P.

(Spiritual Business Coaching Online)

Sara is an amazing person. Her persona, sense of calm, serene nature and that lovely smile just immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. I felt an instant connect with Sara and was able to trust her immediately. Having recently taken my first OM circle session and then a couple of days later a discovery call followed by a chakra balancing session, I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to have been able to connect with her since it helped me connect with me (i.e. my inner self, my spirit guides and my reason for being on this plane).
Thank you Sara and God bless!
Love always.

~ Chirag M.

(Chakra Balancing Online)

When I started working with Sara I felt insecure. I thought I wasn't worthy. I felt I needed to depend on someone, as if I couldn't make it on my own. I always needed someone by my side in order to get to a state of fullness.

I blamed others for my issues and didn’t take responsibility for my life. What can I say, Sara is simply the best.

The way she helped me realize certain things and move on completely changed the way I am living my life now. I feel better, I learnt how to let things go. I realized that everything depends on me. The way I feel and others make me feel is up to me. There is still a lot of work to do, but my path started being bright.

~ Gianluca P. 

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing In Person)

As soon I felt so lost and heartbroken I had only one thought, Sara - “She will heal me I know, I need to have faith and patience and be strong because she will be there for me and she will guide me to the right decision”. That’s what I was kept saying to myself, I needed to trust life I needed to trust the situation and let Sara help me. The session we had the next day made me finally stop shaking, the meditation helped my body to relax and her bright and cheerful spirit deleted all my fears in life, all my negative thoughts that my inner child always keeps telling me “why me? why again? why I can’t be happy?”. Sara completely changed my perspective and gave me faith and positive attitude. I believe everything will be fine and this needed to happen for me to heal. Thank you so much Sara, for being there when I most needed you and for saving me!

~Mel S.

(Spiritual Coaching Online)

Sara has a unique ability to connect with you and the universe to deliver the message and guide you. Her deck of cards are not mere tarot. They are messages from all your spirit gods speaking to you through the reading.  She begins the reading ritual with a short mindful meditation. This helps us both build a connection with our universe. And then she pulls the cards from her soul centre to deliver the message as it is, without interpreting.
Her role in the reading is to deliver your message to you with a loving intention. She will give you the time and space to connect with your soul to receive the message in a stable state of being, understand and interpret the message by allowing you to put it in the context of your existing reality. She is a messenger of your soul! And she often always brings good tidings and great advice from the spirit guides. She will leave you with mindful advice to remember and beautiful tidings to rejoice!

~ Shwetha

(Spiritual Coaching & Energy Healing Online)