Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energetic centers receiving, processing and reflecting the energy back to the world around us. As we experience life events and use our energy to react to them in certain ways, chakra centers can get blocked, overactive or underactive - impacting on our psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being. 

Chakra Balancing is the focus of balancing & aligning the chakras with the use of a pendulum, crystals, meditation and visualisation to clear blockages, release repressed emotions and ensure the free flow of life energy (also known as prana or qi) throughout the body.

Typical signs that indicates blockages in the chakras include chronic depression or anxiety, instability of emotions, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, trouble communicating, feeling stuck or lost, lack of motivation. You may even have physical symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, recurring headaches, backaches, stomach issues, or digestive problems.

Some of the benefits you can get:

Clearing blocked emotional energy, old patterns, and negative emotions

Accessing higher states of consciousness

Having more energy and feeling connected to your own body 

Reducing stress, anxiety and chronic pain

Improving sleep & mental clarity 

Getting in touch and trusting your intuition to guide you forward

What can you expect from this session?

The session will be held on Zoom or in person (Malta) and it will last approximately 45 minutes.
During the session you may feel tingling, pressure or feel nothing at all. You may see colours or images as emotions are released or random thoughts and memories may arise as your mind clears them out. 
These reactions are all mild and are a normal part of energy release, you just need to observe what is coming up and let them go. 


Step 1. Get Comfortable

I will ask to find a comfortable place where you won’t get disturbed for the whole duration of the session. You can choose to lay or sit down, grab a  blanket if you wish and just relax! 
Use of headphones is strongly recommended. 


Step 2. Connect

I will guide you to connect through your body using breathing techniques so that you move to a state of complete relaxation.


Step 3. Our Session Together 

I will check, reset and align the energy of your chakras using a dowsing pendulum.

At the end I will provide you with a report of what was blocked and recommend what to do in order to keep the energies flowing.

It's Time To Balance Your Chakras!