Somatic Alignment & De-Armouring Session

Somatic Alignment sessions revolve around the intricate interplay between breath, energy, and touch. Through a combination of breathwork techniques, energy transmission, and body de-armouring, clients can experience the unblocking of stagnant energy and the release of physical and emotional tension.

Elements of a Somatic Alignment Session:

Breath: Engaging in breathwork practices unlocks the power of conscious breathing, promoting relaxation and energetic balance.

Energy Transmission: Participants experience the profound effects of energy healing as facilitators guide them through the transmission of positive and revitalising energy.

Body De-armouring: Skilful touch is applied to specific trigger points of the body, addressing physical and energetic armouring to restore the body to its natural state.

Some of the benefits you can get:

Energetic Harmony: Achieve a state of balance and harmony within the energetic system, promoting overall well-being.

Emotional Liberation: Release unprocessed emotions and traumas stored in the body and create more freedom and empowerment in your life.

Stress Resilience: Alleviate stress, pain and tension, fostering a resilient response to life's challenges.

Self-Discovery: Delve into a journey of self-discovery by exploring the intricate connections between mind, body and spirit.