Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

This online 90-minute intensive coaching & healing session dedicated to one specific topic, area or challenge in your life that you want to address. 

Please come with all your questions, doubts, fears, worries about anything that is making you feel stuck or that you need guidance with.

I will ask you specific questions to bring more awareness to the issue, help you release and process the emotions that keep you stuck and give you the clarity you need to move forward. 

This powerful session will help you to:

Understand what you really want behind the fear

What's currently getting in the way of you and success

Get clear around your future vision

Create some movement in your life and take actionable steps towards your goals & dreams

Get passion, motivation, energy and faith back into your life

Additional Info

The call will be conducted on Zoom, with the link being provided upon booking confirmation by email

Detailed notes and any other resources we use on the call. Some “homework” will be sent to you by email after the call to integrate the teachings in your daily life

After this session, if you feel you got everything you wanted then that’s it. But if you feel there is more to unpick in order to create transformation, then we can discuss further options.‚Äč

It's Time For a Breakthrough!